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Gazprom is resuming talks about constructing a gas pipeline through the hermit kingdom, officials have declared.

The peace talks on the Korean Peninsula between the North and South has laid the groundwork for Moscow to build a pipeline which would go from Vladimir Putin’s superstate into South Korea via the North.

The pipeline would not deliver gas directly into the hermit kingdom, however.

Gazprom’s deputy CEO Vitaly Merkelov told reporters Friday during a meeting in South Korea: “To date, the political situation has been somewhat different, and the South Korean side has asked Gazprom to resume the project, and a series of talks has been held on this issue, and these talks are continuing.”

The comments suggest Mr Trump’s diplomacy may have helped the Russian firm.

In March, a distant cousin of Mr Putin was appointed deputy chair of the company’s management board.

However, the majority of the company is state-owned.

Kremlin officials praised Donald Trump’s efforts to reduce tensions with Kim Jong-un and said they hoped Moscow could be involved in the process towards denuclearisation.

The historic summit between Trump and Kim happened last Tuesday and both countries signed an agreement to work towards peace and denuclearisation.

During the run-up to the meeting, Vladimir Putin pledged Russia would help the peace effort along in any way possible.

He said Russia could play a big role in helping North Korea rebuild economically after years of isolation and international sanctions.

When the international sanctions on Kim Jong-un’s state are lifted it could also aid Russia’s economy.

Russia was home to one of the largest contingents of hermit kingdom workers.

But the country started sending some of those labourers home after the United Nations Security Council passed a new resolution last December.

North Korean blue collar workers played a vital role in Russia’s construction industry, particularly in the country’s far east.

Russia may have been helping North Korea avoid international sanctions by supplying the country with oil, it was reported in December.


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