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Hans-Olaf Henkel – a German politician, who is also the former head of the Federation of German Industries and a supporter of the UK, said he believed the UK should stay within the EU bloc.

Following shock resignations from David Davis and Boris Johnson, who handed in their notices after Theresa May unveiled her Brexit White Paper at Chequers this month, Mr Henkel has called on the European Parliament to axe leading MEPs Guy Verhofstadt and chief EU negotiator in the current Brexit discussions, Michael Barnier.

Mr Verhofstadt represents the EU Parliament during the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Mr Henkel said: “British officials have in the past been often irritated by actual and perceived arrogance, in particular by Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Barnier.

“I refer for instance to the scandalous position not to let Britain participate in the telecommunication project Galileo for reasons of ‘security’.

“Britain is a NATO partner but not good enough for such a project?

“Now that Davis and Johnson are gone in the UK, the EU should also replace Barnier and Verhofstadt to be able to reach an atmosphere of mutual trust.”

But Mr Henkel’s demands follow Mr Barnier saying he intended to make it “crystal clear” that Britain would be worse off outside the EU bloc.

Mr Barnier has been an outspoken critic of the Prime Minister and this week ripped apart her new Chequers proposals

But Mr Henkel hit back, urging EU negotiators to accommodate Theresa May’s new plan for alignment on goods secured at Chequers.

He said: “The new proposal is better than a hard Brexit or no deal. However, a real customs union would be better and so would be uninterrupted access for financial service institutions.

“It is now up to the EU to accommodate demands for British industry and banks to admit that what is good for British business is also good for their continental counterparts.”

Mr Henkel, an ally of the UK, also urged EU Council chief Donald Tusk to intervene in discussions and make sure that Britain steered clear of the exit door.

He said Mr Tusk should offer the UK a brand new deal with constraints on free movement, in order to persuade the country to stay inside the bloc of nations, claiming the EU “will never be complete without Britain”.

He said: “Still better would be for both, Britain and the EU, to call the whole thing off.

“For that I ask President Tusk to offer Britain a New Deal, giving it what it always wanted – more autonomy, especially in controlling its immigration.”


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