Sarah Ferguson: If Prince Andrew remarries what happens to Duchess title?



Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second oldest son, married in 1986.

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They divorced legally ten years later in 1996, but were separated earlier than that.

However, the pair still seem to be on good terms and were recently at Ascot together with their daughter Beatrice, 29.

When Sarah and Andrew married they were made the Duke and Duchess of York by the Queen, 92.

When they divorced there was some discussion as to whether Sarah should hold on to her title.

Sarah, known affectionately as “Fergie”, did initially remain Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York.

However, shortly after the divorce a letters patents was issued removing this style.

Now divorced wives of princess who are also duchesses have a title such as Sarah, Duchess of York.

However, what happens to Sarah’s title if Prince Andrew remarries?

Would she lose the “Duchess of York” styling? Would she return to her maiden name?

So far it is not known exactly what would happen in this scenario as it has yet to play out in the British Royal Family.

However, dukes have remarried before.

There is a possibility that if Prince Andrew remarried his wife would become “HRH The Duchess of York, Princess Andrew.”

Sarah would keep her title Sarah, Duchess of York, as it is the title decreed for former wives of peers by the most current letters patent.

Therefore it would seem effectively as though there was two duchesses, a confusing turn of events.

When Guy Innes-Ker, 10th Duke of Roxburghe and his first wife Lady Jane Meriel Grosvenor divorced she was the addressed as ‘Lady’.

Would Fergie choose to go as Lady Sarah?

What happens to Sarah Ferguson’s title if she remarries? 

Kate Middleton will get Princess Diana’s title if Prince Charles becomes king. 

When Charles becomes King, it is believed the title of Prince of Wales will fall to Prince William, who currently holds the Duke of Cambridge title.


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