Star-studded Metaxa blazes a trail with spirited growth | City & Business | Finance



The popularity of Metaxa 12 Stars among customers looking to “drink less but better” and fans of artisanal drinks and cocktails are the driving forces behind Rémy’s plans for the spirit, which aim to take it beyond its traditional Greek restaurant heartland.

Managing director Stéphanie Ancel said: “Metaxa 12 Stars is experiencing a faster growth in the UK than elsewhere, more than double that of others in its amber spirits category.

“Investment will be in distribution, digital and on trade, with a dedicated brand ambassador.”

A mainstay of Greek hospitality for 130 years, it enjoys an iconic cultural status in its homeland and is enjoyed in equal measure by men and women.

Distilled from hand-picked aromatic grapes and Muscat wines from the Aegean island of Samos, rose petals and Mediterranean herbs, then aged in Limousin oak casks, its mix of ingredients led to it being stripped of its brandy identity by EU regulations, thus having to blaze its own trail.

“Metaxa’s story is about a disrupter. Today’s customers understand and are intrigued by that,” added Ancel.


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