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NSW vs Queensland got underway in controversial circumstances on Wednesday thanks to the referee’s accidental interception.

And fans from both sides were unhappy with the incident.

With the scores locked at 0-0 early in the first half, NSW were held up under the posts.

But when Blues star James Maloney kicked a grubber over the line in a desperate attempt to chase, the ball cannoned off the referee and into Maroons’ Gavin Cooper’s hands.

Blues players were unhappy with the incident, which they believed cost them a chance of a try.

But Queensland also questioned what had happened, as they dotted down in their try zone to force a goal-line drop-out.

And fans from both NSW and Queensland were unhappy with what they saw.

new South Wales fans thought they were denied a try-scoring opportunity and one wrote: “#Origin proof the ref plays for QLD. Just intercepted the ball in goal preventing a try…”

A second wrote: “Refs up to now have subtly influenced the game. Now they are legit kicking the ball to change the result. #Origin #UpTheBlues”

And another put: Refs doing more for Queensland than I expected – don’t think even Gomersall did that”

But Queensland fans were equally dismayed.

One supporter said: “Ref tapping back the ball for NSW now. That’s even more blatant than usual. #Origin”

Another put: “Oh, the refs wearing a blue jumper, getting in the road… #Origin”

And a third insisted NSW had no argument over the decision, writing: “Would have gone dead if that hadn’t hit the ref #Origin #Dudded”


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