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An allegation against the movie star dating back to the 1990s is being reviewed by the Los Angeles County prosecutors’ sex crimes task force.

No details about the case were made public.

The case was forwarded by the Santa Monica police to the sex crimes task force.

The task force would not say if the case would be disqualified for filing based on the statute of limitations having passed.

California ended the statute of limitations on some sex crimes in 2016.

The extension only pertains to crimes committed after January 1, 2017, and offences for which the statute of limitations had not expired by that date.

The accusation against Stallone, in this case, may not qualify under the new law.

Stallone’s lawyer, Martin Singer, said the actor publicly denied committing any sex crime despite the previous media reports.

“My client categorically disputes the claim,” Singer said in a statement back in December.

“It’s outrageous that the DA’s office and PD would announce this information because it makes the public think that there’s something there,” Stallone’s attorney added.

Back in December, the Santa Monica police confirmed they were investigating a complaint from the 1990s.

The complaint against Stallone was made in November 2017, but the alleged sexual misconduct actually occurred in the 1990s.

The case was first confirmed in the media in December, with Stallone’s lawyer confirming the police report alleging a rape occurred 27 years ago.

Stallone’s lawyer told CNN the complainant had a consensual relationship with Stallone in the 1980s.

Stallone’s case is one of 15 pending under Los Angeles County’s group of veteran sex crimes prosecutors.

The group was formed last autumn after the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced.

The MeToo movement and Times Up campaign have been instrumental in bringing historical cases of sexual assault to light, as well as highlighting the culture of misogyny in the movie industry.

Now 71 years old Stallone rose to prominence for his role in the Oscar-winning 1976 movie Rocky and has been working on the Rocky franchise sequel Creed II with Michael B Jordan.


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