Taco Bell employees praised for rushing to help elderly, disabled man in drive-thru



Staff at a local fast food joint gained popularity on social media after they rushed out to help an elderly, disabled man whose car ran out of gas in the drive-thru.

A community member and mother of three, Tosha Lindquist, witnessed three Taco Bell employees — Issac, Caleb and Jessica — in Sugar Creek, Mo. drop what they were doing and push the man’s SUV into a parking spot. She pointed out that they not only pushed the heavy car, but also moved him to a shaded spot, which wasn’t the closest or most accessible for them.

Lindquist told Yahoo Lifestyle that Caleb pointed out to her that the man was wearing hospital bracelets, including one that read “fall risk.”

According to Lindquist, once the staff members noticed the bracelets, they wanted to help out further. Jessica, who is 6-months pregnant, made sure the man wouldn’t be stuck without a car to drive and decided to find a gas can and fill it up for him.

She added that she believes that this isn’t a one-off act of kindness, and is typical of employees at this branch. “The employees shared countless other stories of people who had collapsed, and horrible car accidents that they would find themselves witnessing and helping,” Lindquist told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I’m so excited that they are receiving recognition for one of the many good deeds they perform on a daily basis.”

In a post on Facebook, Lindquist described the trio as “fantastic examples of upstanding citizens,” and said that they serve as a “reminder that there is hope and people with good intentions.”

Facebook/Tosha Lindquist

Lindquist wasn’t the only one praising the three for their selfless gesture. The public took to Facebook to express their gratitude.

“That is awesome that there are still caring people out there who still have a heart and are willing to help people in situations like this. They could have said, ‘Oh well and moved on,’ and have other angry customers to deal with but they didn’t,” one person commented. “They helped that man out and I’m sure he appreciated it more than anything.”

“What wonderful young adults! Thank you all for your kindness and thanks for sharing this uplifting story!” another added.

Taco Bell representatives did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

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