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Your show, The Great British Take Off, is unscripted, unrehearsed and spontaneous… That sounds risky!

There is a structure to the show, but it’s never the same show twice.

I discuss the secrets of doing impressions and there are bits about my childhood.

The audience will decide where the show goes in terms of characters they ask for, which leaves us free to go in any direction.

There’s a prank phone call, too, is that right?

We always do one skit in which the audience decide which character I should play when I ring up a pizza place to order takeaway for the whole audience.

They often choose David Attenborough or Donald Trump, but if I do Trump, the pizza place usually puts the phone down.

Do you actually order pizza for an entire audience?

Yes! We pay for it and everyone in the audience takes away a slice.

Have any famous people been furious with your impersonations of them?

On the contrary, people are usually miffed if they’re not done – being impersonated means they’re high on the radar. I impersonated Tony Blair in a sketch we did together for Children in Need. He laughed.

What’s your biggest fear?

A quote from the first Doctor Who comes to me: “Fear itself is largely an illusion.”

At my age, there’s very little left to fear.

What’s your biggest regret?

I can honestly say I don’t have any regrets.

Things that go wrong teach us, and so long as you take the lesson then it’s a good thing.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

John Simm.

I just think he’s such a brilliant actor.

There’s something about him that chimes with me.

Who would you swap places with for 24 hours if you could?

I would swap places with Donald Trump and try to set everything right.

Once I’m in there, I’m not letting him back in.

What’s the best showbiz party you’ve ever been to?

About a decade ago, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had a Christmas party in Knightsbridge and it was as if Madame Tussauds had come alive.

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