The Who’s Roger Daltrey hails Brexit and SLAMS Labour | Music | Entertainment



The 74-year-old rock legend isn’t afraid to speak his mind when it comes to politics.

Speaking with he clarified why he’s pro-Brexit, claiming it’s not about being anti-Europe.

Daltrey said: “I’m not anti-Europe, I’m anti-Brussels, but people don’t get the distinction

“That’s why I’m so angry about it. I want someone at least answerable to me that I can say ‘f*** off, you’re useless!’”

Speaking with Event magazine, Daltrey lashed out at Corbyn for not being honest with voters.

He said: “Jeremy Corbyn is not a socialist. He’s a communist.”

“Be honest about that and see how many votes you get, Jeremy, because otherwise, you’re going to be moving in to Downing Street under a false premise.”

He also spoke of Brexit then too claiming he’s not anti-EU, but not the undemocratic nature of Brussels’ rule.

He added: “What I’m against is Brussels, not the EU.

“I can’t live with that because we lost people in my family fighting for our right to be democratic.”

As Long As I Have You by Roger Daltrey is out now.


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