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Rebecca Kingsley, brand Manager for the Consumer Awareness Initiative, Travel Insurance Explained, revealed the most likely group targeted by scammers and fraudsters while abroad. Speaking to Ms Kingsley noted anyone could be a victim to scammers on holiday but added often particular groups of people are targeted. She noted they look for individuals who look most vulnerable and argued that this could mean they would target someone travelling alone or the elderly.

Ms Kingsley began by saying: “Anyone can be a victim of holiday fraud as you are genuinely out of your comfort zone when you are on holiday.

“People are a bit more relaxed and trusting as you don’t know what is around you.

“I would say it is generally people that are travelling on their own.

“They are likely to look a little more vulnerable because they are walking around by themselves.

“Anyone can be a victim and anyone can be targeted.

“But if you are out on your own or perhaps you are elderly you look a bit more elderly as opposed to being with a group where there is more of you that could fight off a potential scammer.”

Earlier in the interview, the insurance expert also warned against scammers operating in tourist hot spots to target people.

Ms Kingsley said: “I think any possible tourist spot is open to having the fraudsters and scammers there.

“This is because they know that is where they are going to have a lot of people travelling to.

“Also the popular tourist destinations are the hotspots.

“It is in the most popular tourist hot spots is where you should be warier.

“The fraudsters and scammers are anywhere where there are going to be tourists so I don’t think it will matter what country you are in.”

Pickpocketing has long been an issue in tourist cities, often proving disastrous for holidaymakers.

A keen eye on belongings at all times is advised and to be wary of pickpocketing tricks and scams designed to distract while an accomplice attempts to steal your belongings.