Turkish police arrest 47 people ‘behind coup to topple Erdogan’ hours before election | World | News



On Tuesday, police targeted 124 people accused of following US based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, who the Turkish government blames for being behind the attempted coup in 2016.

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The suspects were believed to be religious guides for high ranking military personnel who took part in the failed military operation.

The search operation focused around the central Turkish city of Konya, and spanned across 31 provinces around the region, as officials attempted to crackdown on those involved in the coordinated operation to unseat Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan two years ago.

Police conducted the operation ahead of Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections, which take place Sunday.

More than 160,000 people have been detained in Turkey since the military coup attempt, but were mostly dismissed, the UN human rights office said in March.

However, critics of Mr Erdogan believe the Turkish President used the failed coup attempt as a pretext to prevent public freedom of expression.

Turkey said police intervention is necessary to combat precedented threats to national security, to deter a future government upheaval.

Mr Ergodan is expected to come first in Turkey’s presidential election this Sunday, but without a majority, sparking a run-off set for early July, according to opinion polls.

The deadly military coup attempt in July 2016 marked a historic turning point in Turkey’s political history, as locals witnessed the country’s bloodiest military operation in decades.

Turkish military launched a coordinated operation across several Turkish cities, in an attempt to overthrow Mr Erdogan and eradicate the country’s government.

Army tanks and soldiers took over Turkey’s streets, as fighter jets deployed bombs all across Ankara and Istanbul.

Military officials dropped a bomb on the Turkish parliament, while chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hulusi Akar, was kidnapped by his very own security personnel.

As news of the coup spread across social media, thousands of Turkish citizens took to the streets, armed with simple kitchen knives, they attempted to fight off the military.

The crowds managed to deter tank fire, air bombs and with the help of loyal soldiers and police forces, they deterred the the coup attempt within hours.

The military coup killed 241 people and injured 2,194.


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