UK weather forecast: HEATWAVE DELAYED as cool air brings rain to parts of Britain | Weather | News



Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin explained the weather will be a mixed bag across the UK today, with warmth in the south, and drizzle and cloud further north.

However, the weather on Thursday is set to be cool.

He said: “Across the north, outbreaks of rain through Wednesday morning some of which on the heavy side

“Whereas further south it’s mostly dry but really quite humid and in places getting very warm as we go through the day.

“The wettest weather though is further north but start starting to clear from the far north of Scotland.”

The country will be divided when it comes to the prospect of sunshine, with the south coming off with the best of the luck.

He added: “Grey start for Northern Ireland, central and southern Scotland, some wet weather working across parts of northern England, into north Wales.

“But some decent spells of sunshine through the morning over the Midlands, East Anglia, and brightening up.”

The clouds that will bring rain to Scotland in the morning will continue to head south throughout the day: “All the time that band of thicker cloud with some patchy rain just trickling south, so turning a bit damp through mid-Wales and eventually some light rain and drizzle getting into the Midlands.”

After the warm weather this week, Mr Deakin said that the today’s weather may come as a bit of a shock to some.

“But a very different feel once more to yesterday depending on where you are.

“If you’re in the sunshine across the south east, it’s really quite warm and humid.

“Whereas it’s much fresher air further north, temperatures here only really in the mid-teens at best, whereas in the south it will be the mid-twenties.”

Through this evening, there is a chance of rain further south as well.

Mr Deakin added: “Through the evening the cloud will thicken more over the Midlands, East Anglia and the South West and the odd spot of drizzly rain is likely here and there.”

The cooler weather will continue through tomorrow, as a cold front pulls this week’s warm air away.

The Met Office forecaster pointed out: “A cold front that continues to scoot away through Wednesday night, as it does so it takes the warm air with it, and much cooler conditions spread down behind that across the UK.”

Despite the cloud and chance of rain, Mr Deakin said that things will begin to look up towards the end of the week, with temperatures climbing into the weekend.

He said: “An area of high pressure moving in will promise lots of fine weather.

“We should see a fair bit of sunshine to end the working week.

“There are signs, especially as we go into next week, that those temperatures could begin to soar once more.”


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