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Surely superhero movie fans know by now not to leave cinemas until the last credit has rolled.

Marvel has established a winning formula of fun jokey end credit scenes mixed with major teasers for upcoming and linked movies.

Will Venom do the same?

The director and main star Tom Hardy have stressed how the film stands alone and is nothing like the main Marvel releases, however early reports confirm there is more than one fan-pleasing scene to look forward to after the main movie ends.

In a recent interview Fleischer said: “I think it would be a mistake of any superhero movie not to stay through the credits.”

However he has also repeatedly confirmed that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will not appear.

He affirmed that the central character dynamic between Venom and his human host is more than enough for the first movie with no need for any other crossovers: “He’s a really compelling guy that can completely stand on his own. When he’s played by Tom Hardy, and Eddie Brock is his partner, that relationship is enough for one movie.”

So, why are there multiple reports of a major Spider-Man link in the end credit scenes?


Jeremy Conrad at MCU broke the news about two scenes: “Stinger 1 (mid-credits): Eddie goes to San Quentin for his exclusive interview with Cletus Kasady played by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson wears a wig and looks like Pennywise without the clown make up on. He asks Eddie if he wants to hear about him being a serial killer. If he wants to hear the carnage.

“Stinger 2 (post-credits): “Meanwhile, in another Spider-Verse…” and it’s a preview of Into the Spider-Verse.”

The first scene appears to confirm the Marvel comic storyline where Kasady merges with an offspring of Venom to become the monstrous Carnage.

The second does indeed lead into the Spider-Man universe but not the main live action MCU franchise. Instead it is a teaser for the hugely anticipated animated movie.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse just released the first trailer and reveals a new black Hispanic teenager wearing the Spidey-suit. Miles Morales then discovers that there are multiple dimensions all with different Spider-Man/Woman/Ham (yes, really)incarnations.

Which, of course, calls to mind the popular Avengers 4 theories about alternate dimensions and timelines.

What tangeled webs Marvel weaves…




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