Weight loss: Best diet plan trick revealed – CICO helped woman lose weight



A woman who has lost an impressive 4.8 stone took to Reddit recently reveal just how she managed it.

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The Reddit user who goes by HollyCherry on the platform posted a before and after picture of her weight loss.

The red haired woman, who stared she measures at 5 ft 5” tall, looked happy and health in her second image.

She smiled as she showed off a her new frame, which won her a whole host of complements.

HollyCherry told internet users she: “Focused on CICO.”

The 29-year-old also told internet users how the diet was helping her to overcome heartache.

She wrote under the two images: “Heartbroken, depressed, hiding vs. Healing, happier, and thriving.”

Revealing what she ate to keep her on track with her weight loss she said: “I ate a lot of veggies, salads, chicken, tuna…(protein).

“Only water, no calorie drinks.

“But always had a cheat day!

What is the CICO diet?

CICO stands for calories in calories out.

The basic rule of the diet is eating less calories than you use in a day.

Many believe this equation is they key to losing weight and the only thing that can help you shed pounds.

However, some have argued that the diet could be unsafe, especially for those who are at risk of suffering from disordered eating.

Others worry it will encourage dieters to eat unhealthy food as long as they stay within the set number of calories they choose to eat.

Aisling Pigott-Jones, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, told IB Times: “If we simply look at calories in versus calories out, we forget about some of the complexities of weight loss, nutrition and our relationships with food.

“But that should not be our sole focus when trying to become or stay fit and healthy.”

Another man revealed how he lost weight on the CICO diet

He lost an amazing four stone on the diet in eight months.

Known only as his username ‘Kanto2113’, he revealed he was 5’7”, and had weighed 15 stone four pounds before losing four stone five pounds.

“I started counting calories and going to the gym two days a week in late April of 2017.”


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