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The next Wonder Woman movie is set in the 1980s, forty yeas after the first. Even if Steve had somehow survived that exploding plane he would be a very old man.

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New official images show him alive and well and walking around an American mall.

Some fans have suggested he could be a descendant, perhaps a grandson who bears a striking resemblance. Other think it could be an illusion, Diana’s memory playing tricks on her or a villanous god who has taken his form, rather like Ares posed as a human in the first film.

A new report says none of them are right.

Hollywood insider Daniel R tweeted: “Nope. That’s the real Steve Trevor.”

In the comicbooks, fans have seen a bewildering number of variations of the Steve and Diana relationship.

In different storylines he has been old enough to be her father, married to Etta and even in love with Lois Lane. He has also been brought back to life by Aphrodite.

Fans already saw Ares in the first Wonder Woman movie and The Justice League movie gave a tantalising glimpse at more of the ancient gods in the flashback battle sequence with Steppenwolf. 

Has Aphrodite or another god brought Steve back. With rumours Hades, the Greek god of death, might feature, this would make sense.

Why, of course, remains to be seen and it may not be good for Diana.

One thing is sure, assuming this is the Steve Rogers from the 1940s, it is a clever way to reverse the dynamic of the original movie. This time it will be Steve, not Diana, who is the bewildered innocent, out of time and out of place in a confusing world. 

Although Chris Pine’s Steve Roger was hugely popular and a major part of the 2017 film’s success, not all fans are impressed with his return.

One wrote: “They are trashing the most emotional scene in Wonder Woman when he died. It’s completely insane in my view.”

Another point to consider is how disturbed Diana was when Bruce Wayne sent her the old picture of Steve in Batman V Superman. He clearly isn’t part of her life by then. 

However and why-ever Steve Rogers is suddenly in 1984, it is almost certain it won’t be permanent. Fans should prepare for another heartbreaking finale, it seems.


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