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Last year Wonder Woman saw Gal Gadot’s superhero fighting in World War I with Pine’s Steve Trevor.

However near the film’s end Steve sacrificed himself by blowing himself up in a plane full of poison.

But now Wonder Woman’s second outing, another Justice League prequel, is set in 1984.

And the first pictures have been shared by director Jenkins, with one showing Steve alive and well.

Steve is seen in classic 1980s clothing, having somehow survived death 66 years earlier.

But even more weird is the fact that he hasn’t aged at all, just like Wonder Woman.

Sure Gadot’s superhero is an Amazon who lives for thousands of years and ages very slowly.

But this does not account at all for why Steve, a mere mortal, is alive and some how the same age in 1984 as he was in 1918.

Gadot herself has shared an imagine of Wonder Woman in the new moving looking at a load of stacked TV screens with what’s clearly 1980s programming airing.

The official synopsis for the new movie reads: “Diana Prince is facing off the Soviet Union during the 1980s, featuring Barbara Ann Minerva as antagonist.

The latter baddie, played by Kristen Wiig, “is a British anthropologist who, after locating the lost city of Urzkartagan and stumbling into an ancient ritual, becomes the avatar of their Cheetah god.”

He posted the first teaser of the film: just a still image, text on a black ground, saying only “WW84”.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set for release on November 1, 2019.


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