12+ amazing ways iOS 13 transforms travel and tourism



From travel tickets to Airbnb, the $8 trillion travel industry is already a digital industry, and Apple’s iOS 13 will accelerate its transformation.

How iOS 13 changes the travel industry

If all you do is watch the WWDC 2019 keynote and State of the Union address you’ll get an inkling of how Apple’s new technologies may accelerate industry transformation.

If you managed to watch some of the developer sessions, then you are probably already imagining how you may build products to surf the change.

Here are some of the ways Apple will continue to drive change in this industry.

Don’t forget your Apple Watch

Apple’s smallest computer, Apple Watch becomes independent later this year.

That means users will be able to download mini-city guides, access informative podcasts and get more detailed Apple Maps directly to their device (no iPhone required). This also means travellers will be able to stay in contact using Wi-Fi and the computer on their wrist.



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