12 weekender bags we travel with — all easy to pack and carry



Lo & Sons O.G. Overnight Bag, $295

I’ve had this bag since 2013 and it looks just like it did when it was new. The black nylon exterior is durable and easy to clean, and the interior is roomy with pockets for just about anything you can think of. The only compartment I don’t use is the hidden shoe pocket. If I’m not wiping down the outside of the bag, I’m definitely not wiping this secret compartment — that’s what reusable bags are for.

The bag can hold a weekend’s worth of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and such, but I’m an over-packer, so I still have to be thoughtful about it. Even if the bag is overstuffed, though, it doesn’t feel extremely heavy on my shoulders because of the wide double straps. — Jada Wong, Insider Picks editor

When it comes to finding the perfect weekender bag, I want something that can hold a lot, but won’t weigh me down as I push through the crowds in Grand Central to catch a train on time. The Lo & Sons O.G. bag ticks off all the boxes, and it looks nice to boot.

I’ve already sung the praises of the clever design and myriad smart features, and now that it’s summer, I know I’ll be using this bag even more. If you’re traveling for longer than just a weekend (or are a serious over-packer), it makes a great companion to your carry-on suitcase — the travel sleeve lets you slip the bag right on top of your luggage for easy movement. — Remi Rosmarin, Insider Picks reporter



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