Advertainment: how to truly use entertainment in advertising



Advertising has historically been sold as being in support of entertainment, rather than as a true source of entertainment for consumers in its own right. Even when those advertisements are creative in their own right or license the most popular entertainment properties of the moment, it is seen as something separate from consumer-focused entertainment content.

Now, though, with branded VR programs that are explicitly adverts for upcoming movies, and with immersive experiential marketing on the rise, the focus is shifting. Younger consumers are more concerned with experience than products than previous generations, and brands are shifting to prioritising the creation of long-term relationships through providing those experiences over short-term sales. In those cases, the advert is arguably a piece of entertainment in its own right.

As branded content becomes a major marketing channel, the issue of the divide between ad and content is acute: This year at Cannes Lions, The Drum Arms has invited a panel of experts who will attempt to settle the question of whether an ad can ever be considered a piece of entertainment in its own right, or whether the intent to sell will always set it apart.

Featuring insights from Havas London chief executive, Xavier Rees; LadBible head of sales, Sam Coleman; and senior director, entertainment partnerships and licensing at Greenlight, Sonia Bouadma, the session will examine the use of licensed properties, influencers and authenticity. The panel will be moderated by The Drum writer, Dani Gibson.

For more information or to book your place at the panel on Wednesday 19 June 2019 from 2-3pm, click here.


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