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After This Is Me from The Greatest Showman became an inescapable smash, like Frozen’s Let It Go before it, is Speechless set to be next?

Disney are certainly giving it a good go: the song is being pushed with an official music video with actress Naomi Scott, and it’s already resonating with fans.

The whole soundtrack was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, and Speechless (Full) has significantly more plays than anything else, aside from the iconic A Whole New World and Friend Like Me.

It’s the best-selling song from the soundtrack on the UK iTunes store, as things stand.

After just one day on cinematic release, the song is No49, with Scott and Mena Massoud’s version of A Whole New World at No56.

Zayn and Zhavia Ward’s end credits version of the same track is at No60, while Will Smith’s take on Price Ali is No69.

As the film presumably reaches far more people over the weekend, it’ll be interesting to see if Speechless’s momentum continues – and indeed if it will have similar success in the US upon its release there tomorrow.

In a featurette, Scott described the song as “powerful”.

She said: “[Jasmine] says enough is enough. ‘I have a choice here and I’m gonna stand up for what I believe in.’

“It’s such a strong song. It’s going to be really special.”

The track is integral in Guy Ritchie’s efforts to make Jasmine more independent; unwilling to submit to patriarchal laws that say she will never lead her kingdom because of her gender.

“What we’re trying to do is reimagine with a modern twist to it,” Scott said.

Will Smith added: “What Naomi has done with Jasmine is powerful and really unique.”

“She brings that sense of empowerment to the character,” said Massoud, while director Guy Ritchie called her a “refreshing incarnation”.

Scott explained: “Jasmine wants the best for Agrabah and what’s best for them is if she leads.

“But rather than say she wants to lead, she shows the skills and qualities of a leader.

“The story is a progression of how she finally speaks out and becomes the leader that she’s destined to be.”

Aladdin is out now.


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