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Disney’s latest blockbuster has just hit cinemas worldwide. This is the latest live-action reworking of an iconic classic cartoon. Unlike the recent Dumbo, it sticks very closely to the original film, with the addition of one major new song. At a London press conference, Smith revealed the powerful new anthem caused possibly the most disgusting but undeniably hilarious moment on set. One that was also undeniably as embarrassing for Naomi Scott to relive in public as it was to experience the first time around.

The stars were laughing and joking on stage with director Guy Ritchie when Smith decided to spill the beans, despite Scott’s protests.

He said: “Naomi just did a rendition of Speechless and she’s crying and it was a moment for everyone on set.

“She had a big vein on her forehead, Guy was crying and I was really moved and I go walking over to her to say, ‘Great job’ and her back was to me and it was so emotional and I say, ‘Hey Naomi, and in slow motion she turns around and I already had my hand up for a high five and she goes (he mimes wiping a very snotty nose with his bare hand, complete with sound effects) and my hand is already up and I’m like ’Noooo.” 


Ever the entertainer, Smith continued the story in graphic detail: “It was a full snot high five. I’m like ‘She’s a young actress, she’s just given a great performance I can’t pull back.’

“So, it was a full snot high five, splashing out of my fingers… It was a full bogie snot high five. We had a brief moment when we caught eyes and we both knew and I thought, ‘Are you going to have integrity?’ It was like snot chicken. She didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything…'”

The bond between the two stars and leading man Mena Massoud, who plays Aladdin, was clear as they all happily bantered on stage while the audience of jaded journalists fell about laughing.

Luckily, Scott’s agony was well worth it.

Speechless is already garnering huge attention.

Not only is a brand new classic Disney anthem, it marks Jasmine’s elevation to a properly modern-day princess who will not submit, will not go quietly and will not stay speechless.

In fact, Smith also revealed the only major change Ritchie made to the entire film was to have Jasmine herself believe that she could and should be sultan rather than marry a man who would take the throne.



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