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All Bill Murray Movies Ranked 1

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From tales of crashing bachelor parties and kickball games, to intimate fan pranks that he knows the public will never believe, to his unavailabity outside of a 1-800 number, the antics of lord of chaos Bill Murray could overshadow his actual job as an actor. But this decade alone has seen Certified Fresh hits like Moonrise Kingdom, The Jungle Book, Grand Budapest Hotel, and St. Vincent.

The output compares handsomely even to his ’80s heyday, which saw the likes of Ghostbusters, Stripes, Caddyshack, and Scrooged put into theaters. The ’90s not only had his lead-starring masterpiece Groundhog Day, but also the zany What About Bob?, and his first reinvention as the patron saint of comedic melancholia, Rushmore. All that paved the way for his towering 2000s output, featuring The Royal Tenenbaums, Lost in Translation, his Best Actor-nominated Broken Flowers, and Garfield…which we’re mentioning because it led directly to his inspired cameo in Zombieland.

All we’re saying is that, despite what it looks like on the outside to us non-Bills, Murray knows exactly what he’s doing. Like when he shows up as a cop in Jim Jarmusch’s zombie comedy (a description that will never cease to astound cinephiles) The Dead Don’t Die, opening this week. Just go with it. And just go with us as we take a look back on the best Bill Murray movies ever (amongst the duds) ranked by Tomatometer.


Adjusted Score: 3.137%

Critics Consensus: Passion Play has a terrific cast, but don’t be fooled – the only real question at the heart of this misbegotten mystery is what its stars were thinking.

Synopsis: A terrific cast will hold you spellbound in PASSION PLAY, a one of a kind seductive thriller from Mitch Glazer,… [More]


Adjusted Score: 12.069%

Critics Consensus: The Shareef don’t like Rock the Kasbah, and neither will viewers hoping for a film that manages to make effective use of Bill Murray’s knack for playing lovably anarchic losers.

Synopsis: A has-been rock manager from Van Nuys, California stumbles upon a once-in-a-lifetime voice in a remote Afghan cave in Rock… [More]


Adjusted Score: 12.807%

Critics Consensus: Strictly for (very) little kids, A Tale of Two Kitties features skilled voice actors but a plot that holds little interest.

Synopsis: When Garfield follows his owner, Jon Arbuckle, to England, the U.K. may never recover, as Garfield is mistaken for a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 11.283%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: When motivational speaker Jack inherits an elephant from his father, he wants to get rid of it as soon as… [More]


Adjusted Score: 18.409%

Critics Consensus: When the novelty of the CGI Garfield wears off, what’s left is a simplistic kiddie movie.

Synopsis: Jim Davis’ famous cartoon cat finally makes his way to the big screen in this adaptation of the popular comic… [More]


Adjusted Score: 17.256%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: Set in a stylized Los Angeles, ‘A GLIMPSE INSIDE THE MIND OF CHARLES SWAN III’ is a playful comedy of… [More]


Adjusted Score: 18.647%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: In this satirical film, the infamous journalist Hunter S. Thompson sets off on a crazy trip around the country to… [More]


Adjusted Score: 25.635%

Critics Consensus: Meandering and insubstantial, Aloha finds writer-director Cameron Crowe at his most sentimental and least compelling.

Synopsis: Bradley Cooper stars as a defense worker who teams up with a pilot (Emma Stone) to stop a satellite launch… [More]


Adjusted Score: 27.122%

Critics Consensus: Its heart is in the right place, but what starts as a promising exercise devolves into an overlong, unevenly directed disappointment.

Synopsis: Andy Garcia stars and makes his directorial debut in a passionate and historical tribute to his native Cuba. Havana in… [More]


Adjusted Score: 42.89%

Critics Consensus: Though bolstered by a thoroughly charming performance by Bill Murray in the central role, Hyde Park on Hudson is an FDR biopic that lets down both its audience and its subject.

Synopsis: In June 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Bill Murray) and his wife Eleanor (Olivia Williams) host the King and Queen… [More]


Adjusted Score: 42.324%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: Jon Amiel directed this satire on mistaken-identity thrillers and the spy genre, scripted by Robert Farrar, Tim John, and Oliver… [More]


Adjusted Score: 47.064%

Critics Consensus: While it’s no slam dunk, Space Jam’s silly, Looney Toons-laden slapstick and vivid animation will leave younger viewers satisfied — though accompanying adults may be more annoyed than entertained.

Synopsis: Basketball superstar Michael Jordan and cartoon favorite Bugs Bunny team up with other basketball greats and Looney Tunes characters in… [More]


Adjusted Score: 46.533%

Critics Consensus: A minimalist exercise in not much of anything, The Limits of Control is a tedious viewing experience with little reward.

Synopsis: The story follows a mysterious loner, a stranger to all, whose activities and workings remain meticulously outside the law. He… [More]


Adjusted Score: 58.133%

Critics Consensus: Get Smart rides Steve Carell’s considerable charm for a few laughs, but ultimately proves to be a rather ordinary action comedy.

Synopsis: 40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell steps into the telephonic shoes of television’s most beloved bumbling detective in this big-screen adaptation… [More]


Adjusted Score: 51.566%

Critics Consensus: Kingpin has its moments, but they’re often offset by an eagerness to descend into vulgar mean-spiritedness.

Synopsis: In the ’70s, Roy Munsen (Woody Harrelson) was a bowling phenomenon. He was none too sharp about picking friends, though,… [More]


Adjusted Score: 50.533%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: In this Bill Murray-driven remake of the 1946 Tyrone Power film, Murray plays the lead, Larry Darrel, a World War… [More]


Adjusted Score: 45.452%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: Life among insecure, middle-aged character actors, former New Yorkers in L.A., is the main plot focus of this Philip Frank… [More]


Adjusted Score: 57.255%

Critics Consensus: City of Ember is visually arresting, and boasts a superb cast, but is sadly lacking in both action and adventure.

Synopsis: For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember’s… [More]


Adjusted Score: 55.456%

Critics Consensus: Thanks to the cast, Ghostbusters 2 is reasonably amusing, but it lacks the charm, wit, and energy of its predecessor.

Synopsis: Ivan Reitman’s sequel to the phenomenally successful Ghostbusters is looser and more self-assured than the original. The film opens with… [More]


Adjusted Score: 58.149%

Critics Consensus: The animated portion of Osmosis is zippy and fun, but the live-action portion is lethargic.

Synopsis: Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly, the impish impresarios of gross-out comedy, take their body function-inspired humor to new extremes in… [More]


Adjusted Score: 62.113%

Critics Consensus: Much like the titular oceanographer, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’s overt irony may come off as smug and artificial — but for fans of Wes Anderson’s unique brand of whimsy it might be worth the dive.

Synopsis: Internationally famous oceanographer Steve Zissou and his crew–Team Zissou–set sail on an expedition to hunt down the mysterious, elusive, possibly… [More]


Adjusted Score: 59.708%

Critics Consensus: Stiff performances fail to produce any tension onscreen.

Synopsis: William Shakespeare’s classic tale is brought to the screen for the third time in ten years in this modernized interpretation…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 67.023%

Critics Consensus: Episodes vary in quality, but overall this talky film is quirkily engaging.

Synopsis: A comic series of short vignettes build on one another to create a cumulative effect, as the characters discuss things… [More]


Adjusted Score: 66.713%

Critics Consensus: Witty and provocative.

Synopsis: The art and theater world of 1930s New York City is the backdrop for the new Touchstone Pictures film “Cradle… [More]


Adjusted Score: 66.766%

Critics Consensus: Wild Things is a delightfully salacious, flesh-exposed romp that also requires a high degree of love for trash cinema.

Synopsis: Think of it as endless endings. John McNaughton’s playful erotic thriller about a larcenous school teacher, a pair of greedy… [More]


Adjusted Score: 72.915%

Critics Consensus: Mixing tongue-in-cheek cheesecake with glossy action set pieces, Charlie’s Angels is slick and resonably fun despite its lack of originality.

Synopsis: They’re beautiful, they’re brilliant, and they work for Charlie. In a smart, sexy update of the 70’s TV show, “Charlie’s… [More]


Adjusted Score: 75.08%

Critics Consensus: With the requisite combination of humor, sorrow and outstanding visuals, The Darjeeling Limited will satisfy Wes Anderson fans.

Synopsis: “The Darjeeling Limited” is an emotional comedy about three brothers re-forging family bonds.The eldest, hopes to reconnect with his two… [More]


Adjusted Score: 70.937%

Critics Consensus: A Very Murray Christmas preaches effectively to the converted with a parade of superstar guests and hummable songs that – combined with the host’s trademark presence – adds up to a unique holiday experience.


Adjusted Score: 72.837%

Critics Consensus: Scrooged gets by with Bill Murray and a dash of holiday spirit, although it’s hampered by a markedly conflicted tone and an undercurrent of mean-spiritedness.

Synopsis: A darkly comic and surreal contemporization of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, this effects-heavy Bill Murray holiday vehicle from 1988… [More]


Adjusted Score: 78.955%

Critics Consensus: Though unabashedly crude and juvenile, Caddyshack nevertheless scores with its classic slapstick, unforgettable characters, and endlessly quotable dialogue.

Synopsis: An elite country club has to deal with a brash new member and a gopher intent on destroying their beloved… [More]


Adjusted Score: 88.507%

Critics Consensus: Ghostbusters does an impressive job of standing on its own as a freewheeling, marvelously cast supernatural comedy — even if it can’t help but pale somewhat in comparison with the classic original.

Synopsis: Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return, rebooted with a cast of hilarious new characters. Thirty years after the beloved original franchise… [More]


Adjusted Score: 78.414%

Critics Consensus: Meatballs is a summer camp comedy with few surprises, but Bill Murray’s riffing adds a spark that sets it apart from numerous subpar entries in a frequently uninspired genre.

Synopsis: Set at a low-end summer camp and aimed squarely at a teen audience, Meatballs is a light screwball comedy that… [More]


Adjusted Score: 78.795%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: John McNaughton directed this Richard Price-scripted comedy about a cop who learns to love an unwanted gift from a gangster…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 83.989%

Critics Consensus: St. Vincent offers the considerable pleasure of seeing Bill Murray back in funny form, but drifts into dangerously sentimental territory along the way.

Synopsis: Maggie (McCarthy), a single mother, moves into a new home in Brooklyn with her 12-year old son, Oliver (Lieberher). Forced… [More]


Adjusted Score: 85.842%

Critics Consensus: The Royal Tenenbaums is a delightful adult comedy with many quirks and a sense of poignancy. Many critics especially praised Hackman’s performance.

Synopsis: Royal Tenenbaum and his wife Etheline had three children–Chas, Richie, and Margot–they were a family of geniuses and then they… [More]


Adjusted Score: 83.774%

Critics Consensus: Quick Change makes the most of its clever premise with a smartly skewed heist comedy that leaves plenty of room for its talented cast to shine.

Synopsis: Bill Murray co-directed (along with Howard Franklin) this mixture of The Out-of-Towners and After Hours, concerning Grimm (Bill Murray), a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 85.733%

Critics Consensus: Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss’ chemistry helps make the most of a familiar yet durable premise, elevating What About Bob? into the upper ranks of ’90s comedies.

Synopsis: In this comedy about a doctor-patient relationship pushed way beyond the office, Bill Murray plays Bob Wiley, a neurotic New… [More]


Adjusted Score: 88.801%

Critics Consensus: Subtle to a fault, this perfectly cast ensemble drama is lifted by typically sharp performances from Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.

Synopsis: Inspired by the true story of Tennessee recluse Felix “Bush” Breazeale, who planned his funeral while he was still alive,… [More]


Adjusted Score: 88.419%

Critics Consensus: A raucous military comedy that features Bill Murray and his merry cohorts approaching the peak of their talents.

Synopsis: A charming, self-elected leader winds up commanding an outfit of misfits…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 93.298%

Critics Consensus: Bill Murray’s subtle and understated style complements director Jim Jarmusch’s minimalist storytelling in this quirky, but deadpan comedy.

Synopsis: The resolutely single Don has just been dumped by his latest lover, Sherry. Don yet again resigns himself to being… [More]


Adjusted Score: 94.688%

Critics Consensus: This cult favorite is a quirky coming of age story, with fine, off-kilter performances from Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.

Synopsis: “Rushmore” chronicles a year in the life of Max Fischer, a student at Rushmore Academy, one of the finest schools… [More]


Adjusted Score: 93.226%

Critics Consensus: Tootsie doesn’t squander its high-concept comedy premise with fine dialogue and sympathetic treatment of the characters.

Synopsis: Michael Dorsey is a talented actor, but his demanding nature and stubborn temperament have antagonized every producer in New York…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 104.397%

Critics Consensus: The beautifully stop-motion animated Isle of Dogs finds Wes Anderson at his detail-oriented best while telling one of the director’s most winsomely charming stories.

Synopsis: In this stop-motion-animated film from writer/director Wes Anderson, an outbreak of canine flu in Japan leads all dogs to be… [More]


Adjusted Score: 94.585%

Critics Consensus: Remixing Roger Corman’s B-movie by way of the Off-Broadway musical, Little Shop of Horrors offers camp, horror and catchy tunes in equal measure — plus some inspired cameos by the likes of Steve Martin and Bill Murray.

Synopsis: It started as a 1960 Roger Corman horror comedy, filmed in two days; it then inspired a lavish 1982 Broadway… [More]


Adjusted Score: 97.849%

Critics Consensus: Wickedly funny and featuring plenty of gore, Zombieland is proof that the zombie subgenre is far from dead.

Synopsis: A cowardly shut-in named Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is forced to join up with a seasoned zombie slayer named Tallahassee (Woody… [More]


Adjusted Score: 102.542%

Critics Consensus: Typically stylish but deceptively thoughtful, The Grand Budapest Hotel finds Wes Anderson once again using ornate visual environments to explore deeply emotional ideas.

Synopsis: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the… [More]


Adjusted Score: 95.845%

Critics Consensus: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up to fete the life and work of cult hero Ed Wood, with typically strange and wonderful results.

Synopsis: Ed Wood was a little known film-maker from the early 1950’s who gained posthumous notoriety for his dreadful B-grade science… [More]


Adjusted Score: 99.454%

Critics Consensus: Fantastic Mr. Fox is a delightfully funny feast for the eyes with multi-generational appeal — and it shows Wes Anderson has a knack for animation.

Synopsis: Mr. and Mrs. Fox live an idyllic home life with their son Ash and visiting young nephew Kristopherson. But after… [More]


Adjusted Score: 101.855%

Critics Consensus: Warm, whimsical, and poignant, the immaculately framed and beautifully acted Moonrise Kingdom presents writer/director Wes Anderson at his idiosyncratic best.

Synopsis: Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story… [More]


Adjusted Score: 101.578%

Critics Consensus: Effectively balancing humor and subtle pathos, Sofia Coppola crafts a moving, melancholy story that serves as a showcase for both Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.

Synopsis: After making a striking directorial debut with her screen adaptation of The Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola offers a story of… [More]


Adjusted Score: 107.141%

Critics Consensus: As lovely to behold as it is engrossing to watch, The Jungle Book is the rare remake that actually improves upon its predecessors — all while setting a new standard for CGI.

Synopsis: Mowgli, a man-cub raised in the jungle by a family of wolves, embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery when… [More]


Adjusted Score: 102.174%

Critics Consensus: Smart, sweet, and inventive, Groundhog Day highlights Murray’s dramatic gifts while still leaving plenty of room for laughs.

Synopsis: Bill Murray plays Phil, a TV weatherman working for a local station in Pennsylvania but convinced that national news stardom… [More]


Adjusted Score: 102.803%

Critics Consensus: An infectiously fun blend of special effects and comedy, with Bill Murray’s hilarious deadpan performance leading a cast of great comic turns.

Synopsis: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson star as a quartet of Manhattan-based “paranormal investigators”. When their government… [More]


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