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That’s according to NBA pundit Skip Bayless, who believes there is a 75 per cent chance a deal happens before the trade deadline.

Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, put the entire league on red alert today by putting out a statement insisting Davis wants a trade out of the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Lakers are now the heavy favourites to make a trade with 10 days to go until the deadline closes on February 7.

They have tried and failed in the past to trade for superstars such as Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

But Bayless suggests the Lakers will go all out to make a trade happen for Davis as he is the perfect piece alongside James.

“I believe this deal will get done and I’m going to give it a 75 per cent chance that AD will be a Laker,” Bayless said on Skip and Shannon.

“Because of the powerbroker that are LeBron and Rich Paul; really the powerbroker who is LeBron James.

“I believe he needs this; I believe the league thinks that he needs this and I believe their bargaining chips are just as powerful as Boston’s.

He added: “I’m still mesmerised by the fact that Anthony Davis is an annual leader in PER.

“He’s played 41 of 50 games this year and his team is 22-28. There’s something wrong here. There’s something missing in Anthony Davis.

“He’s not an alpha, he’s not a team leader, he’s not a contagious/ rub-off affect guy who can just lift an entire team into the playoffs.

“In seven years in New Orleans, they’ve made the playoffs twice and they swept Portland last year so i’ll give him that but he’s 5-8 in the postseason.

“His overall record in New Orleans 211-240 so he’s quite a bit under .500.

“He is a superstar that doesn’t have solo superstar affect on the Pelicans.

“But he’s made for LeBron. He needs LeBron even more than LeBron needs Anthony.

“Because Anthony would flourish in LeBron’s shadow because he can be the complimentary star to LeBron.

“LeBron would be the alpha and he would be the complimentary.

“It’s a good union because so many of these superstars think, ‘I don’t want to share the stage with LeBron. He can be difficult, he can be tough’.

“Anthony doesn’t think that at all. He’s a better fit for LeBron than any of those other Paul Georges, Jimmy Butlers and obviously Kyrie couldn’t take it after a while and Kawhi… he’s a better fit than any of those guys.”


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