Autumn Phillips wedding: Tiara would not be allowed in the Royal Family today



Autumn Phillips, 40, is the Canadian wife of Peter Philips. The blonde was born in Montreal, Quebec, and this is were she met her future husband. The couple met at the 2003 Canadian Grand Prix. However, she didn’t learn he was related on the British Queen until six weeks later.

They married on 17 May 2008 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, where Harry and Meghan wed last year.

Now the couple have two daughters, Savannah and Isla.

Autumn’s wedding was a relatively low-key affair for royal nuptials.

Peter proposed with an £80,000 ring, which may be expensive for the average Briton, but is a minor expense compared to Meghan Markle’s wedding ring, which is worth over £150,000.

Autumn’s Sassi Holford bespoke dress too was cheaper than the average royal wedding down.

The duchess satin and lace gown is thought to have cost £3,000.

Kate Middleton’s, on the other hand, cost £250,000, which Meghan’s cost even more at over £300,000.

Autumn wore the Festoon tiara on her big day, which she borrowed from Princess Anne, her mother-in-law.

However, the pretty piece would not be allowed to be accepted by the Royal Family today.

This is because is was given to Anne by the World Wide Shipping Group.

Royals no longer accept gifts such as these as a royal protocol rule.

From one royal wedding to another, what tiara did Sophie, Countess of Wessex wear for her wedding?

In a royal first, she was gifted a new tiara made from antique jewellery.

Most brides either borrow a royal tiara, like Meghan Markle did, or have a new one made for them, like Sarah Ferguson’s wedding tiara.

While Sarah Ferguson’s wedding tiara was a gift from the Queen, created entirely new, Sophie’s was designed from older pieces from the Queen’s private collection.


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