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The Russo brothers posted a cryptic new image yesterday.

Fans immediately devoured it, convinced they could see the title of Avengers 4 spelled out by the way all the items were carefully arranged.

While most fans are arguing that the word Endgame can be spotted (if you squint and loosely link some of the marks on the wall) another eagle-eyed fan actually identified a clear link to Infinity War.

Look at the image again and see if you recognise that large metal machine on the left.

Redditor cuddlebirb posted: “That object in the far left is the same one from the workshop at the Avengers compound.”

Fans were quick to respond, mainly grateful for setting that wasn’t simply a theory or wild guess.

One wrote: “This is the first concrete, non-speculative thing I’ve seen regarding this picture. Nice work.”

So what is it? It is human technology and was last seen in a scene where War Machine confronts the Secretary of State Ross. It also looks rather like something shown in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

At the time inInfinity War it just seemed to be a cool piece of set dressing but now it seems to play a part in Avengers 4.

The Russo’s captioned the new set picture: “Look hard.”

Of course, they could be trolling fans, or there could be clues to the title scattered around the set, or this machine could be a major part of all the rumoured time travel and quantum realm plots.

Only one thing is clear: it is the only concrete and specific Avengers movie-related thing in the entire picture.

The machine actually looks similar in size to the new and improved (and portable) quantum realm device shown in that final end credit scene from Ant-Man and teh Wasp, when Scot Lang is zapped into the realm just before The Snap.

It is definitely not Wakandan tech, but is most likely something Tony Stark has been working on. 

Unfortunately there has been no indication he had been exploring the quantum realm or time travel prior to Thanos’s sudden arrival on the scene.




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