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Last night the second batch of official Avengers Endgame footage arrived in a 30-second TV spot. The dark and ominous trailer showed a desolate post-Snap universe and the Avengers preparing for their fight back. But just where was Thor exactly? The structure he’s standing in during one shot cannot be on Earth, unless it’s possibly Wakanda. Yet some Marvel fans are convinced he’s on Titan trying to hunt down Thanos.

Fans will remember Thanos limping out of a hut on Titan at the end of Avengers Infinity War.

He also briefly appeared in the first Avengers Endgame trailer last year stumbling through a field, while his armour was hung up as a scarecrow.

Certainly the structure Thor’s under is a similar shape to the one Thanos was sitting in.

Having failed to kill Thanos in Wakanda, potentially Thor could go on a mission to hunt the Mad Titan down.


In another shot, Rocket is seen entering a wooden hut, but this could be New Asgard in Norway.

Having been quite the duo in Avengers Endgame, whatever happens, it seems likely the two aliens will stick together in this movie.

Back in the first trailer, some fans wondered if Thor had been imprisoned.

In one shot the Asgardian King is shown sitting forward in civilian clothes and looking particularly sad. But unlike his counterparts, is he actually imprisoned?

As the shot starts there’s what looks like the outer rim of a glass prison. As spotted by EMPIRE, the pattern of the wall behind Thor looks particularly prison-like.

Certainly, there’s a couple of reasons Hemsworth’s god could be robbed of his freedom.

One being he failed to kill Thanos, so perhaps he’s being punished for his failure. However, a more likely option is that after the Snap world governments are understandably wary of aliens.

Avengers Endgame is released in UK cinemas on April 25, 2019.


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