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Marvel fans have been dreaming of the day when all thier favourite characters will finally be able to appear on screen together.

Disney’s upcoming acquisitiion of 20th Century Fox will bring the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool under Marvel Studios. 

During a thrilling panel at Wizard World Comic Con in Austin, Rob Liefeld, the Marvel genius who actually created Deadpool, revealed what he sees coming next.

He said: “Ryan Reynolds is going to have a long and glorious career in the Marvel universe.”

According to MovieWeb, the writer spoke extensively about how the upcoming Disney acquistions will finally mean all the Marvel heroes can share one huge universe.

Disney boss Bob Iger also recently acknowledged that there would soon be no need for “different Marvels’ on screen.

Liefield told the audience:”Imagine whatever Disney function that they bring out everybody, [Robert] Downey Jr, [Chris] Evans, all of the people you’ve already seen, [Chris] Pratt. And then Ryan Reynolds walks on stage. I think the world will explode because that’s all people want, is for him to take the p*** out of everybody.”

Although Lifield also admitted there was a huge potential drawback.

He added: “Here’s the thing, my only fear is that they’re never gonna make another Deadpool (standalone movie). He’s just gonna run around Marvel movies making fun of everybody.”

Deadpool and the X-Men are part of the Fox package that Disney is so understandably keen to acquire. What about Spider-Man, who is currently owned by Sony?

Liefield added: “I hope Spider-Man is somehow there, I know that’s a Sony thing, but I just think, once he’s sitting there with Downey Jr, and Chris Evans or Chris Pratt… Myself? I won’t know what to do with myself.”

Fans are also still hoping for a Spider-Man cameo in the imminent Venom movie.

There were reports Tom Holland had been spotted on the Venom set with advanced rumours discussing whether he would appear as Spider-Man or Peter Parker. 

Unless he makes a surprise cameo in the end credits, this is looking increasingly unlikely.

As for Deadpool, fans will be hoping he can stil finish up his X-Force plans before he starts gallavanting around the MCU.



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