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Kept in his vault on Asgard was a right-handed Infinity Gauntlet, one that Odin’s daughter Hela dismissed as fake in Thor Ragnarok.

However a new theory surrounding the King’s gauntlet has proven very popular among fans on Reddit.

: “I think I figured out why Odin had a fake gauntlet in his vault.

“When Thor approached Eitri to create Stormbreaker [in Avengers Infinity War], the concept of the weapon already existed.”

They continued: “I think it’s possible that when Thanos approached him to make the gauntlet, the concept for it already existed too, as someone else had asked him for one before: Odin.

“Odin wanted to harness the power of the stones and had a replica made to see what the finished product would look like, but upon becoming more peaceful he decided against using it, much to Hela’s disappointment.

“He put the replica in his vault as a way to remind himself not to get too carried away with his power.

“This would explain why Hela knows it’s a fake, and announces it so proudly and dismissively.”

They continued: “Thanos knew enough about the gauntlet to ask Etri for one.

“The theory assumes the gauntlet in Odin’ vault was captured from Thanos.

“I speculate that Thanos tried to obtain the stones once before and Odin stopped him and took the gauntlet and stones from him.

“Points to support this are: Thanos waited until Odin died to go after a new gauntlet and the stones. Thanos had the left gauntlet and Odin the right. Thanos knew to ask Etri for a gauntlet.”


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