Blinders Hair Salon continues as a family business in New Braunfels



Larry Blinder did not plan to make a living in the salon industry, but he began his career by cleaning brushes when his parents were teasing hair in the 1960s. Even though the family owned beauty colleges and a salon in the San Antonio area, he was more interested in music and started working at a record store when he left home.

However, when his mother needed help running Blinders Hair Salon, established in New Braunfels in 1973, he came back home and got his cosmetology license.

Through the years, he often visited global salon shows, and after learning the skill from European hairdressers at one of the shows, he began cutting hair sitting down.

“That’s what really makes us different,” Blinder said. “Other places just don’t do that.”

Blinder has brought his love of music into the salon as well. Everywhere you walk, whether you’re inside the building or in the parking lot, you can enjoy some of his favorite rock and roll tunes.

“This is the most fun I have all day,” Blinder said.

With a genuine passion for his work, Blinder said he stays happy, healthy, and motivated each and every day.

Blinders Hair Salon has a near 5-star rating on various review sites, and Blinder believes his customer service and “old-school” communication has led him to that rating. He enjoys getting to know his customers and said he always goes out of his way to meet new clients, even when they are being styled by someone else.

He believes that when you make people happy with their hair, they are fiercely loyal.

As much as he loves his customers, Blinder attributes much of success to his family.

“My wife, Jennifer, and daughters, Addie and Lilly … they are the real reason for my success,” Blinder said.

While he did not plan to make a living in this industry, he believes his passion for his business today will keep him in New Braunfels for years to come.

“I just turned 60,” Blinder said. “And I’m going to be here at least 20 more years.”

Blinders Hair Salon
278 E. Faust St., New Braunfels
Hours vary daily, but the stylists are available by appointment.


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