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Speaking to in Strasbourg, the independent British MEP claimed Britain should develop a brand new satellite system to show the EU how “great” Britain will be.

Mr Woolfe dismissed the President of the European Commission’s comments on Galileo in his last State of the Union address, arguing that without UK’s technology the Brussels bloc could have never achieved what it has.

He said: “This is the perfect example of where British skilled technology has been able to motivate this programme, Galileo, and ensure it gets off the ground.

“Without it, they would have never been able to achieve this in the same way.

“My view is we should scrap our membership of Galileo, invest our own money in building our own satellite system.

“Be able to use that to our own benefit, work with our colleagues on security, the United States, Canada and Australia and New Zealand, and be able to sell the technology to other countries across the world.

“That would make us great in the future and that will show the European Union how great Britain is post-Brexit.”

In his speech, Jean-Claude Juncker claimed Galileo was an “entirely thanks To Europe”.

He said: “A strong and united Europe is what allows its Member States to reach for the stars. It is our Galileo.

“Programme that is today keeping Europe in the space race.

“No single Member State could have put 26 satellites in orbit, for the benefit of 400 million users worldwide.

“No single Member State could have done this alone.

“Galileo is a success in great part, if not entirely, thanks to Europe.

“No Europe, no Galileo. We should be proud.”

Theresa May unveiled new plans for a new British-made satellite navigation system to rival the European Galileo programme should the EU continue to threaten to kick the Brexit Britain out of the project.

At the end of Augustthe UK announced it would invest £92million to explore the development of a potential UK programme led by the UK Space Agency as a potential alternative system to Galileo.

Mrs May said in a hard-hitting statement released by aides: “We’ve been clear that the UK wants to remain involved in the EU’s Galileo satellite programme.

“But we cannot be an ‘end user’, shut out from security discussions and contracts, and without critical information about the system’s security.

“Use of something we are unable to rely on has little value, and we cannot justify paying towards that.”


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