Brigitte Macron news: Emmanuel’s wife in Egypt after wearing ‘shocking’ trainers



Brigitte Macron and her husband Emmanuel have been visiting Egypt. Today they were photographed with the leader of the country. French President Emmanuel Macron was photographed shaking hands with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sissi. The two men were flanked by their wives Brigitte and Intissar Amer.

The couples were stood outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

Last night Emmanuel said he would talk “more openly” to the Egyptian president on human rights during his ongoing visit to Egypt.

Yesterday, Emmanuel and Brigitte attended a sacred site in the county.

Brigitte turned heads at the temple of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt wearing trainers.

The former teacher wore Louis Vuitton Run Away running shoes which cost around £635.

The temple is 3,000 old and was building while pharaoh Ramses II was on the throne.

Today Brigitte opted for a more conventional look.

She wore a red dress which finished just above the knee.

Brigitte was enrobed in a smart black coat and wore black court shoes.

The First Lady of France is a fashion fan, and often wears clothes from French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Brigitte Macron wore another leg-baring style in Paris earlier this month.

She and Emmanuel welcomed the Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault and his wife Isabelle Brais in Paris.

Emmanuel Macron’s wife chose a style teal shift dress for the event, protecting her neck against the cold with a Louis Vuitton scarf in a matching colour.

The glamorous political wife wore her thick blonde hair in a fresh, bouncy blow-dry.


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