Bunnings hardware is music to the ears of mystical quartet



They are known for performing only once a year, never rehearse together and build new “instruments” for each three-hour show.

Since the late ’90s, the performances of the four members of the avant-garde Japanese improvisation group Marginal Consort have acquired a semi-mystical status among fans.

For their first Australian performance the quartet, Kazuo Imai, Kei Shii, Masami Tada and Tomonao Koshikawa, have been on a shopping trip to Bunnings and Officeworks.

Friday night’s performance at Carriageworks will incorporate sounds from PVC drainage pipes, sheets of cardboard and lengths of timber, alongside an eclectic collection of household objects, children’s toys, traditional string instruments, mixers, oscillators and effects pedals.

“It’s a process of discovery each time for them and the audience,” says Brisbane-based curator Lawrence English. “This is probably the one time we are going to get them to Australia. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for the last four or five years.”


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