Cape Coral man found guilty of aggravated abuse of infant twin sons gets 10 years in prison

Michael Braun
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Christopher May aggravated child abuse case

Christopher May plead no contest and was found guilty of aggravated child abuse and aggravated stalking and sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday.

The former wife of a Cape Coral man found guilty Monday of aggravated abuse of his twin infant sons, and the judge presiding over the case expressed disgust at the scope of the charges against him.

Stephanie Wall, 24, was married to Christopher Alan May, 34, in May 2019 when he brutally abused the two babies. She told the court Monday that watching security camera video of the abuse of her twin infant sons was one of the most difficult things  she has done.

May plead no contest and was found guilty of aggravated child abuse and aggravated stalking and sentenced to 10 years in prison and five years probation. He was also ordered to have no contact of any kind — notes, Tweets, emails or phone calls — with the boys, Joshua and Ethan, and Wall.

“Watching what he had done to my precious babies,” Wall said as May hung his head. “I will forever be haunted. It is truly disgusting.”

May had set up cameras throughout the home.

In the 2019 Cape Coral police arrest report, May admitted harming the children by swinging one of the newborns into a wall and squeezing either him or his brother in fits of frustration.

Doctors evaluated the other boy and discovered skull fractures, a broken femur, multiple fractured ribs and a broken tibia, the report said. That child was also flown to an out-of-county hospital for care. 

After Wall’s nearly 20-minute victim’s statement, presiding Judge J. Frank Porter zeroed in on May.

“There are lot of times that I sit up here and I take a plea and I sentence someone and I just keep my mouth shut for the most part,” Porter said after passing sentence on May. “But, I’m going to tell you a couple things today. I’ve never sent anyone to prison who deserved to go more than you. What you did to your own flesh and blood is just inconceivable. You’re probably in the top five, as far as severity of the crimes, that I’ve addressed in my almost 19 years as a judge. And I’ve handled everything up to murder cases. Unbelievable what you did.”

For the most part May was silent throughout the half-hour proceedings. His former wife more than made up for the silence.

“I look forward to Christopher getting the punishment he deserves,” Wall said. “Nothing will ever truly do justice for what he did to them. They are happy children, good children. And always have been. So for someone to do the things that he did? It’s inconceivable.”

Wall and the now-18-month-old twin boys May severely hurt, now live outside Florida. 

“It took money from generous strangers to help get my babies and I to safety far far away. It has been a long hard process, physically and emotionally,” Wall said. “From not knowing if both of my babies were going to have to have emergency brain surgery due to the bleeding in their skulls due to the blows Christopher made on their tiny heads, to trying to gather my belongs and my children’s belongings from the apartment Christopher and I shared.”

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Wall, who’s divorce from May was finalized in September, said she feared for her life when her then-husband was released on bond from jail.

“He had said he wanted to die and wanted to see me one last time, then packed a suitcase, a picture of us, and two guns and was trying to come to the hospital to see me before he was arrested the first time,” Wall said via text. “I had expressed to his mother, begged her actually, not to bond him out. I was scared that he would come back and “finish the job” and kill the boys and me.”

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She lauded police for being diligent about May’s violations of the order of protection she was granted.

Wall said the abuse and subsequent court activity was difficult for the family.

“Things were tough, the children and I had lost our home, I was not able to work so I had no money coming in,” Wall said. “I had medical bills rising, debt from my vehicle payments being late rising, and no home. I was living with family and friends until I was able to leave the state, finally.”

The young mother said she is grateful her children are alive.

“And I am grateful that he will never have a chance to be around myself or my children ever again,” Wall said. “Nothing will ever be enough punishment in my eyes for him. But it is not my job to assign what happens to him. It is up to the Lord and our justice system to prosecute as they see fit.”

Wall said her story could fill a book.

“All that matters is that the boys are happy and healthy. They may have learning challenges as they get older, but we are prepared for that and ready to combat anything adverse,” she said. “My children are my world, and I thank God every day that he was watching over them and saved them from death.”

Before admitting his activities, Wall said May told her that he had slipped in water around their pet dog’s bowl.

“I believed Christopher’s original lie. I believed that he had slipped on water from my dog Hero’s bowl, for he was messy and there was always water there,” she said. “I, in fact, had slipped there a few times before we had children. His lie was very believable.”

Wall said the abuse the twins received at the hands of May went undetected, even by doctors, and occurred while she was out of the house and they were in her husband’s care.

“Not until I was at the hospital in St. Pete when police asked me …,” she said.  “I went to doctor weekly for checkups on them, and no doctor saw any outward physical signs of abuse. They diagnosed them both with colic, acid reflux, and constipation. Which we know now was all caused by their broken ribs.”

Earlier, via a text interview, Wall said the twins are making a great recovery.

“They’re hitting all their milestones. Saying full sentences. And learning how to go up stairs without assistance,” she said. “I’m even starting to work on teaching them how to use the potty. They are so smart.”

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