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The movie – which is due out in cinemas in March 2019 – is beginning to get its publicity machine warmed up, after the first images were launched earlier this month.

Following speculation that Larson had an appearance pencilled in on Good Morning America this week, it has been confirmed among the press details for this week’s shows.

According to the Disney ABC listings, Bristol Palin will also be featured on the episode, which airs 7-9am EDT.

The listings specifically mention Larson as the star of Captain Marvel, so US fans will have to tune in to see if she’ll be speaking out about her debut as Carol Danvers.

Over the weekend, fan-made trailer mock-ups have been generating an astonishing number of views – with some getting as many as 10 million.

The hype comes after Larson spoke out in conversation with Entertainment Weekly.

“You have this Kree part of her that’s unemotional, that is an amazing fighter and competitive,” she said of Carol.

“Then there’s this human part of her that is flawed but is also the thing that she ends up leading by. It’s the thing that gets her in trouble, but it’s also the thing that makes her great.

“And those two sides warring against each other is what makes her her.”

The film starts with Carol away from Earth as part of StarForce, but she soon finds herself back on her home planet with lots of inner conflict about her identity to try and make sense of.

“That is something that is really exciting to me about this film: We did not cut corners on that stuff,” the Oscar-winner explained.

“Like, when it’s funny, it is funny, but also when there’s deep emotional things happening, it’s real.

“So I was able to bring some of those same things that I’ve brought to full dramatic roles into this, which I’m really proud of because I think it will really set this film apart.”

A report by MCU Cosmic recently speculated that the budget for Captain Marvel is $152 million, based on a filing on the Louisiana Office of Entertainment Industry Development website.

For comparison, that’s roughly the same ball-park as the likes of Ant-Man, but slightly cheaper than Black Panther and Doctor Strange.

Captain Marvel is out on March 8, 2019.


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