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Brie Larson’s upcoming Marvel movie has a series of mysteries surrounding its plot and characters. Since appearing in the first couple of Captain Marvel trailers, fans have been speculating over just who Bening could be playing. Officially she’s described as a Kree scientist who rescued Carol Danvers and made her part Kree. However, one fan has spotted a Marvel Hero Storybook for the film, which confirms her true identity as a classic comics character.

MCU.ETERNAL posted two pictures of the illustrated kids book, which included a drawing of Larson’s Marvel and Bening’s character.

The text reads: “The Supreme Intelligence grasped Vers’ hand, and her body began to glow as the power being transmitted by the Supreme Intelligence pulsed through Vers, gathering in the photon battery at the base of her neck.”

So there we have it, Bening is playing the Supreme Intelligence, who gave Carol her powers.

Of course, comics fans will know she’s looking pretty different from how the character is portrayed in the comics.


He added: “For those who think it’s a stretch — you don’t have to look too far back to find Marvel Studios pulling a similar situation with Ego the Living Planet (Kurt Russell).”

In Marvel Comics, Ego was a planet with a face, while Russell’s portrayal took the form of, well, Russell.

Whether or not Bening’s part as the Supreme Intelligence is just a cameo or a larger role is yet to be seen.

Captain Marvel is released in UK cinemas on March 8, 2019.


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