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They became a national naughty treat and made beloved national treasures of the cast.

Sixty years of Carry On movies are marked today on the anniversary of Carry On Sergeant opening in London at the grand Plaza Cinema on Lower Regent Street before it was rolled out across the UK.

31 films and seven decades later, cinemas no longer feature staged shows before the main film, but the Carry On legacy continues to spread chuckles and cheer.

The movies are packed with iconic lines and scenes but Windsor’s flying bra is one of the all-time classic moments.

The legendary Eastenders and Carry On star is facing health issues and battling Alzheimer’s but was on fine form in this wonderful footage.

Windsor revealed all about almost revealing all at the Bradford International Film Festival where she received a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her contribution to cinema.

In this remarkable and candid interview she talks freely about the Carry On Camping moment that sealed her fame. She also revealed the dramas she faced while shooting the scene and the cheap tricks used by the producers to save money.

Watch the amazing clip next.

Windor said: “I was so terrified… You weren’t allowed to show your boobs. They got the fishing rod and put it there and he (the prop man) had to pull it. Of course, it didn’t come off. I went right down into the mud.”

Windsor pointed out these days everyone would be concerned and check if she was OK. Instead she recalls what happened.

She told the audience: “These were the exact words; ‘Pick her up. Rub her down, get the mud off. We have to go again.’”

Unfortunately, the next time she accidentally revealed far more than intended.

Windsor said she had thought the second time went well until there was a furious cry from the director, Gerald Thomas.

The actress recalled he shouted at her: “You’ve gone and shown your right t*t. The censor won’t pass that. We’ll have to do it again.”

Windsor added: “So I did it three times and the third one was perfect. When they took it to the censor, John Trevellyan, he said, ‘Well, I don’t think Miss Windsor’s right boob is going to corrupt the nation, I’ll pass it.’

“So that’s how I got famous for it.” 


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