Cheating signs: More than HALF of cheaters stray for first time after getting married



Whether it’s a big occasion or a low-key affair, exchanging vows in front of your loved ones on your wedding day is often said to be one of the most memorable things you can do. But, while tying the knot is a way of showing your commitment to your spouse, some people who are married can still be tempted to cheat. And, worryingly, more than half of self-confessed cheaters have admitted that the first time they had their first affair was after saying ‘I do’. According to a survey of 1,586 members of Ashley Madison, the married dating site, 54 per cent first became unfaithful after getting married and having kids.

“This data shows us that it’s not that long after getting married that people first think about straying from their marriage,” Isabella Mise, director of communications for Ashley Madison, said.

“Our members often tell us that marriage isn’t all that they thought it would be, and after the honeymoon fades and kids come into the picture, things shift.”

She continued: “The relationship becomes less about passion and sex between the couple and more about the everyday life of the family unit.

“They remark feeling disconnected to their spouse and more like roommates than romantic partners.”

Out of 2,099 Ashley Madison members asked, 32 per cent of cheaters had their first affair between the age of 10 and 39.

In comparison, 28 per cent of respondents said they were aged between 19 and 29.

And, just shy of a quarter of members asked were aged between 40 and 49 when they first cheated on their spouse.

This age group saw 24 per cent of the vote, while only 9 per cent of people asked replied with the 50 to 59 age bracket.

So, what causes people to betray their loved ones on a romantic level?

Sex and relationship therapist, and author of The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity, Dr. Tammy Nelson, said it could come down to expectations.

“Our expectations about marriage and who our partner will be and how they will act after marriage can lead to disappointment early on,” she said.

“When couples realise how challenging marriage can be, particularly after the kids come along, they are sometimes surprised at how it affects their feelings for one another.

“More people cheat after the kids come along, maybe because they long for the perfect partner, or they remember who they themselves were before they had children and the responsibilities of a family, and an affair helps them to forget, at least for a while.”

While it is highly frowned upon in many cultures, there are plenty of reasons why a person may end up cheating.

Could your husband or wife’s star sign make them more likely to cheat?

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