Countdown star Rachel Riley to get extra security over antisemitism abuse | UK News



Countdown star Rachel Riley to get extra security over antisemitism abuse | UK News 1

Security is to be tightened for Countdown star Rachel Riley after she was subjected to online abuse and threats for challenging antisemitism.

The game show’s resident mathematician said she has been targeted by Labour supporters on Twitter for her criticism of the party and leader Jeremy Corbyn, amid the ongoing controversy embroiling the left.

Riley, who is Jewish, has already spoken about being trolled online, but said the problem had become worse and now included physical threats.

She told The Times: “The more I speak, the more abuse I get, and the more abuse I get, the more I speak.

“It’s got to the point where I can’t look at my Twitter feed anymore … it’s just a constant stream.”

She added: “We are getting more security for Countdown.”

Riley, who has appeared on the Channel 4 daytime programme since 2009, said she believes she is a “target” for speaking up against antisemitism, and that she does not “take it lightly”.

She said: “With the hashtag Get The Tories Out or the red rose or hashtag JC4PM, they say to me ‘You’re only calling out the left’.

“Well, I’ve been attacked by people on the left and the best way to not have me talk about antisemitism on the left is not to be antisemitic.”

Riley has also rejected accusations by supporters of Mr Corbyn that she is a Tory, previously stating that she has no political allegiance.

However, she told the newspaper that she would not now vote for Labour, as she believes the party is “actively encouraging the abuse of people who are standing up to this”.

Mr Corbyn has strongly denied allegations of antisemitism during the continuing row that has engulfed his party.


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