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Cruise ship holidays are full of entertainment, dazzling surroundings and a host of excursions when the ship enters port. Some holidaymakers on board will be seasoned cruisers, having gone on ship excursions many times. For others, it may be their first time mixing up a vacation spent on a boat and on land. Former cruise ship employee Joshua Kinser encountered many guests of varying characters and backgrounds during his time working in the ship’s band, and as the ship auctioneer.

He told of the most bizarre concern he had encountered on-board.

Detailing the very left-field worry in his book, Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Member, he wrote crew needed to have “a high tolerance for seasickness and the stupid questions that passengers ask.”

He cited the strangest question he had ever been posed during a cruise ship route, and put how one passenger quizzed: “If the ship sinks, will there be an ice cream machine on the lifeboat?”

It appears the passenger in question was more concerned about food sustenance than their potential survival.

Joshua did not detail how he responded, though his remark made it clear he did not take the worry seriously.

Meanwhile, an omnipresent “evil” said to exist on all cruise ships recently came to light.

Former senior cruise ship officer Jay Herring, who worked on board Carnival Cruise Lines for 10 years, said he noted a clear “social evil” permeating through.

In his new book The Truth About Cruise Ships, he told how it left a sour taste among some, with passengers also potentially alerted.

He wrote: “For me, there was social evil on bored the ship.

“I’m speaking, of course, about rampant infidelity.

“On land, I am probably surrounded by more unfaithful people than I realise.

“But there was no hiding it in the ship’s small town atmosphere.”

Detailing the grim scenario further Jay, whose wife worked on board the casino in the same ship, said: “I witnessed multiple affairs in progress every day.

“It bothered me not just because I witnessed it, or it existed, what bothered me was that it was so commonplace and so frequent that its came to be considered normal behaviour.”

It remains to be seen whether passengers pick up on the scenario, or indeed if they undertook the same approach towards infidelity on board.



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