Dad involved in alleged sexual abuse of foster children facing plea deal in Lee County

Michael Braun
| Fort Myers News-Press

A plea agreement is in the works for a former Cape Coral man facing 18 charges including child sexual assault and child cruelty.

Daniel Spurgeon, 51, was transferred recently to Lee County Jail from the Limestone Correctional Center in Harvest, Alabama, where he is serving a 25-year prison sentence with no chance of parole after he pleaded guilty to rape and sexual torture in 2019. 

“I am negotiating a dismissal of certain counts and reduction of others in exchange for a plea of no contest,” said attorney Aaron O’Brien, representing Daniel Spurgeon.  “We expect that after the court imposes the sentence, Mr. Spurgeon will be returned to Alabama where he will serve the balance of his previously imposed sentence on Alabama charges.”

Daniel Spurgeon’s wife, Jenise Spurgeon, 57, also faces charges in Lee County and  remains free on bond while she awaits trial in Alabama.

Daniel Spurgeon is scheduled for an appearance hearing Dec. 1 before Judge Robert J. Branning in Lee County Court.

Jenise Spurgeon will have a Zoom pre-trial conference, also on Dec. 1 and also before Branning.

Seven lawsuits in Alabama that involve the former Cape Coral couple have been put on hold.

The lawsuits, against officials of the Alabama Department of Human Resources, involve millions in damages sought for seven children who the Spurgeons fostered or adopted. The abuses are claimed to have happened in Alabama and in Cape Coral.

The Cape Coral case claims child abuse occurred in 2016 when the couple lived in a $350,000, two-story home on SE 11th Place.

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According to investigators, the Spurgeons cared for about 50 children over the years as they lived in Florence, Alabama, and then in Cape Coral.

The Alabama lawsuits stem from the alleged long-term abuse and neglect in the Spurgeons’ foster/adoptive homes that occurred primarily in Florence, Alabama.

Charges against the couple include numerous counts of child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, human trafficking, sexual torture and other crimes against children.

The victims, six females and one male, included foster children and children the Spurgeons adopted who had previously been fostered by them, according to police records.

The couple moved to Cape Coral from Alabama with some of the children in July 2015. They were arrested in July 2016 after two of the children, found intoxicated by Cape Coral police at a fast food restaurant, described abuse at their home.

The Cape Coral cases have been delayed due to multiple issues including a halt to transferring prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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