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What an interesting day it is: Mercury makes three aspects with other planets on Thursday, May 23. These are a semi-sextile with Mars and Uranus and a square and a half with Saturn. And although one of the aspects is mildly challenging, the other two can astrologically atone for this.

Mercury’s square and a half with Saturn can supply certain obstacles.

These range from issues needing resolution, possible delays and problems relating to limitations and boundaries.

We may also face some kind of resistance in terms of communicating with other people.

And people may not be so open to us today, meaning we need to work harder to please them.

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Also we need to rein-in any negative thoughts we encounter scurry is now in the mix.

We may expect to be intellectually very active today.

Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars, believes Thursday’s horoscope makes for an extremely interesting day.

She said: “We might be provoked to express ourselves and to take action in relation to our goals, dreams and decisions.

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“And we may want to search for a new approach and a novel way to think about certain issues.

“We may also experience an urge to experiment, to be more flexible and want more variety.

“Thursday will be a very dynamic day, as well as being productive.”

We have also another shift today – the moon in Capricorn until 6pm BST (1pm ET).

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So if you have plans for the majority part of the day, be prepared to be patient, hard working and focussed about everything you are doing.

And in the evening the moon will enter the Aquarius star sign.

Astrologer Ms Stoichkova added: “Expect to experience better communication and connection with others at the end of the day.

“So overall an injection of astrological enthusiasm will take place today.”


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