Daily horoscope for May 24: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY


Friday’s horoscope is dominated by Mercury making a square and a half with the planet Pluto. This aspect can make us seriously reappraise certain elements of our lives. And although this relation between Mercury and Pluto can present challenges, it can also offer opportunities.

Sometimes this aspect can bring fears, worries and doubts to the fore.

However Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars, offers some advice for coping with this aspect.

She said: “Remember this is only a temporary situation and we can change your thoughts through your conscious efforts and mindset.

“And eventually you may be able to evade Friday’s negative characteristics.”

But this challenging aspect from Pluto can actually be an asset.

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She said: “This can help us be more intuitive, focussed and even more passionate about certain ideas.”

Mars square Chiron makes for raw feelings coming to the surface, today.

Thankfully we have a civilised and detached Aquarius Moon in charge.

Astrologer Ms Stoichkova said: “Aquarius’ influence makes it a great time for communicating and exploring new experiences.

“Today will also be a an ideal opportunity to spend time with friends and encountering a variety of life.”

Mars in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries and that’s not an easy cosmic energy to work with.

Expect to encounter suppressed anger even sexual energy that has nowhere to go when these two clash, more so in the zodiac signs in question.

Mars in Cancer simply cannot take the direct approach.

Spurred on by Uranus, the Aquarius Moon will try all sorts of innovative solutions to get the energy moving.

However Aquarius is totally out of touch with the Cancer energies and with Mars in Cancer’s needs.

Rationalising your feelings will not work, nor will ignoring them.


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