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We have two incredibly positive aspects arrive on Thursday. A sextile will be made between the Sun and Jupiter, and another sextile will exist between Mercury and Mars. Taken in conjunction, you can expect Thursday to be very positive and full of exciting opportunities.

A sextile between the Sun and Jupiter is one of the most harmonious aspects in existence.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, opportunities, growth and expansion.

And the Sun always represents our individual strengths, abilities and our focus.

MarsStar astrologer Maria Stoichkova believes today is an ideal time to try something new.

Ms Stoichkova said: “Open up your mind to new opportunities today, and try new things and explore new avenues.

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“This aspect is extremely harmonious for new plans, projects and in particular, events impacting upon our future.”

The Sun is in Acquarius and Jupiter is very powerful in Sagittarius.

This are the two signs which are primarily focussed on the future.

Ms Stoichkova added: “Thursday is a great time for planning for the future and experimentation.”

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Today’s other positive aspect, the sextile between Mercury and Mars, can make our intellectual work that little bit more productive.

We may have new ideas, and most importantly, we may feel capable of taking immediate action.

This is important, because ideas that are not anchored in reality are worth nothing.

MarsStar astrologer Maria Stoichkova said: “This beautiful aspect may really help you to not only to visualise and plan great ideas.

“But more importantly, it will help bring these plans to fruition.

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“Bear in mind Mars can help accelerate thought processes, because it is the planet of impulses and taking action.

“And Mars is additionally very powerful in the star sign of Aries, where it has been for the last couple of months. “

So Mars today is a very supportive and powerful planet, and can make things happen in a very dynamic way.

You only need to be open and take conclusive action to benefit from this two aspects today.

The transit Moon is in Pisces today, which is also positive as it balances the overall astrological energy Thursday brings.

The Pisces Moon will calm things down today, as well as supplying creativity and a heightened sense of intuition.

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