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The Sun and Mercury will combine in Aquarius today. This conjunction exaggerates their astrological energies and ushers in a time of clinical thinking. Mercury and Aquarius work well together so we should make the most of today.

And that is good news for many as the Moon will make mainly positive aspects and only one challenging one.

The sine position of Moon is Sagittarius, which is a great for travelling, new ideas and planning for the future.

The Moon in Sagittarius also helps us to be more positive, open-minded and assertive.

Wednesday’s Moon will also make a sextile with the Sun and Mercury which are together in Aquarius.

Astrologer Marina from MarStars believes today is a beautiful combination when it comes to our future.

Marina said: “Sagittarius and Aquarius are the two signs relating to the future and what we want to achieve.

“So today is the time to make plans, intellectual work and communication.

“Wednesday is also accommodating for group activities, so get involved with your local community and network of friends.

“And your communication may be both more productive and positive as a result.”

The Moon will make one challenging aspect today; a square with Neptune.

A square is the special angle where planets or other horoscope points are about 90 degrees apart in the zodiac, meaning the powers involved are in conflict, causing trouble for one another.

This square with Neptune is a testing aspect because it may bring some complications and confusion.

So make sure you have double checked any important issues occurring today, as precision is key.

On the positive side this aspect can bring more creativity and inspiration.

Some people may also be provoked to relax more and be unshackled from overwhelming obligations.

Today’s most positive aspect is the Moon’s conjunction with the planet Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is a fantastic combination because Jupiter is in Sagittarius almost until the end of the year.

So we will enjoy this beautiful conjunction for approximately once a month.

It is particularly wonderful because Jupiter is especially strong in Sagittarius.

This is one of the greatest times when you might be optimistic and focussed on the future.

And in general you can expect your goals to materialise in this astrological aspect.

Marina said: “Take action and do something meaningful today, pay attention so you don’t forget anything important, and everything will be OK.”

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