Dancing on Ice’s Holly Willoughby in ‘performance mode’ with Gemma



Gemma Collins sparked Dancing on Ice judges Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield to get into “performance mode” on Sunday, according to body language expert Judi James. The TOWIE star has had a tough time in the series, being called out for a lack of “professionalism” and even labelled a “brat” by judge Jason Gardiner. Last week saw her take a tumble on the ice and during tonight’s Fairytale themed week, the painful incident appeared to have taken its toll. She was given a lowly score of 13.5 by the judges, before she burst into tears and mum of three Holly rushed to comfort her.

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the hosts’ reaction to Gemma, after the TV star previously called for them to apologise over previous comments.

She said the presenters showed a “suppression of non-verbal responses to Gemma.”

She added: “When they first announced she was coming up they both performed poker faces in contrast to the more relaxed, friendly expressions that they use with the other dancers.

“Phil had been performing a rather anxious-looking thumb-rub ritual all night, but whether that was in anticipation of the latest antics from ‘The GC’ or not, we’ll probably never know.

“When it came to Gemma’s turn Phil and Holly did suddenly go into performance mode, with Holly dropping a low curtsey and Phil standing with his brows raised in ironic anticipation.

“Once they spotted Gemma’s tears and angst they went heavily into supportive sympathy mode though.

“Holly stepped in toward Gemma, placing one arm around her tentatively and the other hand on her arm in a gesture of comfort.

“Phil stood back but reasoning with Gemma, holding both hands out palms-up to show his support and concern as he tried to cheer her up.

Holly was previously called out by Gemma after the presenter slammed the TOWIE star for her “lack of professionalism”.

She made comments about Gemma Collins’ work ethic on the ice-skating show Dancing On Ice, and now the reality star has demanded a public apology.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, the reality star, 37, said: “I’ve been told on the rumour mill that Phil and Holly have been told off, but a public apology would go a long way. “I haven’t seen them yet – obviously I’ll see them at the studio, but I’d like an intervention before the show starts.

“We need to find the culprit responsible for giving them this false information.”

The TOWIE star did not stop there and has also asked Love Island star Kem Cetinay, 22, to also apologise.

The ITV2 favourite has been reporting behind-the-scenes on Dancing On Ice and mistakenly suggested Gemma had taken a nap while the cast and crew were in dress rehearsals.


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