Donald Trump news: Body language expert says president’s UN speech revealed this



Donald Trump, 72, attended the United Nations’ General Assembly today – his second time speaking at the event.

Beginning by speaking about the progress his administration has made in the last year, the US President then went on to speak about his meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, domestic achievements and foreign priorities.

But while he came across confident in his speech, what did his body language reveal? Body language expert Judi James offered her analysis.

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Arriving late, Judi said he met the press with what looked like a roaring facial expression.

She added: “This pose makes him look more like a singer than a speaker with his spread arms and splayed hands with the palms facing front suggesting the kind of full-on approach that he delivered in his speech.”

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Waiting to address the UN General Assembly, Trump prepared himself, seated.

Judi said: “Sitting alone and isolated on his throne at the front of the stage he adopted his signature forward slump with knees splayed to signal alpha power and his hands in a downward steeple gesture that is also a strong sign of superior status.

“His eye-gaze did look reflective but knowing how he was about to take on and dictate terms to nearly every country on the planet it would have been incongruent to sit smiling at the audience.”

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During his speech, Trump’s delivery style was sonorous, slow and at times almost sinister, with several barings of his lower front teeth long like open aggression, according to Judi.

But Judi also picked up on three hand gestures the US President used during his speech.

She commented: “For a man used to constant hand gesticulation he used just three in this address and they looked almost like mistakes.

“He raised a wagging finger of warning when talking about OPEC and he revived his ‘O’ shaped gesticulation once to imply all would be ok with the world if, as he suggested, it rejected socialism.

“Otherwise he gripped the sides of the lectern and allowed his head to sink into his torso as he scanned his squinting, frowning gaze from side to side. He adopted a pose of ultimate power but two subtle signals suggested he was obtaining enjoyment from doing so.

“His hand grasp of the lectern involved an erect thumb, which is a sign of confident enjoyment and his legs and torso performed a small bristling shimmy before he started to speak, which conveyed much the same air of enthusiasm.”

Judi also noted his audience “seemed to break into what sounded like laughter at the muscle-flexing boasting at the start but when the verbal attacks became personal many delegates opted for a mouth-clamp or poker-face”.

She added: “Accusations that Germany was in danger of being in the control of Russia proved too much for the German group though, who laughed openly, shrugging or shaking their shoulders in what looked like open disbelief.”

Trump faced drama earlier this year when porn star Stormy Daniels claimed to have had an affair with him during his marriage to Melania.

The couple faced speculation about their relationship after the claims, but what have recent images revealed about the couple’s relationship now?

Judi said: “The superficial but very powerful body language signalling from these poses between the President and the First Lady do suggest resilience as a couple in the wake of the Stormy Daniels dramas.”

Melania is physically closer to the President than in previous times, the expert claims.


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