eBay: ‘Rare’ Beatrix Potter Jeremy Fisher coin selling for £150 – is it worth this much?



Beatrix Potter fans will no doubt be flocking to eBay this weekend after a newly-listed coin themed on the author’s work came up for auction.

The 50 pence piece, featuring kind frog Mr Jeremy Fisher, was put on the trading website for a seven-day period, with bidding closing on February 9th at 12.52pm.

Seller emst-6504 listed the cute coin for a starting price of £72 but she has added the option of a Buy It Now price, of £150.

The seller claimed the coin was “rare” in the item description.

The 2017 Mr Jeremy Fisher coin is part of the Unfortunate Fisherman story, according to the Royal Mint.

It was created in 2017, making it two years old, with a mintage of 9,700,000.

It was the first UK coin to feature the iconic literary frog, complete with his waterproof macintosh.

In Beatrix’s novels, Mr Fisher plays a leading role in a story about a fishing trip.

He narrowly escapes being made into a trout’s dinner during the gripping storyline.

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher also features wider Beatrix Potter characters on the coins, including Mr Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise and Sir Isaac Newton.

Yet would eBay bidders be right to fork out more than £100 for the item?

Website change checker ranks the coin as number one on the scarcity index, making it “common”.

Therefore, a £150 buy it now price may be a little on the steep side.

Meanwhile, recently eBay featured a rare Peter Rabbit coin on sale for £420.

The seller had claimed the 2017 item is “very rare”.

Issued in 2017, this 50p marks the Tale of Peter Rabbit.

In the description, the eBay user wrote: “Here we have an excellent example of a 2017 edition Of the tale of Peter rabbit coin.

“Perfect and very valuable collectors coin which are increasing in value every year.”

Yet it too was deemed by coin experts on change checker to be “common”.

It proves coin collectors are always wise to double check items and their worth with those in the know, before placing a bid.


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