eBay: Rare Great Fire of £2 coin selling for £625 – and YOU could have one



eBay is the world’s biggest online marketplace, attracting sellers and buyers from all around the world.

The website is host to thousands of rare and valuable items, with new items listed on the site every day.

Amongst those items are rare coins, many still in circulation, that can fetch hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pounds.

One coin new to eBay’s books is a rare £2 coin commemorating the Great Fire of London, selling for a pricey £625.

The coin was listed by eBay user “shaunw19762008” this afternoon and is described as a “Rare £2 Coin-British Great Fire of London 350th Anniversary -2016.”

Asking for a price of £625, the item’s description reads: “Rare £2 Coin- The Great Fire Of London 350th Anniversary, The Whole City In Dreadful Flames -2016. Excellent condition (sic).”

Hoping to make a sale, the coin was listed for a 30-day period, but the seller is also accepting offers of less than £625.

Only listed for a matter of hours, the coin is already marked as a “hot item” on eBay with one view per hour.

Minted in 2016 the coin was made to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

The coin was designed by Aaron West and features the edge description “THE WHOLE CITY IN DREADFUL FLAMES”.

Depicting the famous fire that destroyed most of the city in 1666, the coin shows wooden structures being engulfed in flames.

The coin also depicts the River Thames, full of boats packed with Londoners seeking sanctuary from the devastating fire.

The Great Fire of London burned for five days and gutted the city, burning 13,200 homes, 97 churches, St Paul’s Cathedral land most of the city’s authority buildings. Seven out of eight of the city’s inhabitants had their homes destroyed.

Despite the coin’s high asking price, the coin is actually quite common, rated as a 17 (common) on scarcity index, Change Checker.

The coin had an initial mintage of 5,135,000 and is still in circulation.

This Great Fire of London £2 coin isn’t the only piece of small change selling for a sky-high amount on eBay.

Last week a rare Guy Fawkes £2 coin with a “minting error” was listed on the site for a £825.

The coin, listed on Sunday, was a 2005 Guy Fawkes £2 coin, minted to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the foiled Gunpowder Plot.

Listed by eBay user “ewaller58”, the coin’s title read: “2005 Rare Minting Error £2 Two Pound Coin Guy Fawkes – Missing the I in Fifth.”

More detail on the minting error was given away in the listing’s description, revealing: “2005 Guy Fawkes Two Pound Coin (used).


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