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The second bank holiday of the month is coming up on Monday, May 27, as England and Wales enjoy the Spring bank holiday. The Government ensures that payments for benefits claimants are made early in cases when the payment is due on a bank holiday so entire there’s no delay. So when can you expect your Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)?

What is the ESA bank holiday payment date?

People expecting their ESA on Monday, May 27, will be paid the Friday before, on May 24.

This goes for any benefits from the Department of Work and Pensions, such as Personal Independence Payment and Pension Credit.

Benefits from HMRC and Tax credits will also follow suit and send the money on May 24.

Universal Credit claimants are also due to receive their payments on the Friday before the bank holiday.

This is a welcome development for Universal Credit claimants.

In the past, people who claimed Universal Credit as early payments due to a bank holiday were counted as claiming twice in one month.

This lead to claimant receiving a “vastly reduced” amount the following month.

A High Court battle by a single mother changed the law.

It was ruled the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions had wrongly interpreted regulations.

So, although you won’t be penalised, you should note that your following payment dates won’t be adjusted, so you’ll need to make the money last a bit longer.

What to do if you don’t get your benefits

If your payments don’t come through, call the helpline straight away.

Make sure you have your National Insurance number to hand.

Note you may not be able to get through to anyone on the weekend or bank holiday, so check you’ve got your allowance on the Friday morning.

The helpline for ESA and other DWP benefits is 0800 169 0310.

Head HERE for more contact details regarding benefits and Universal Credit.


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