Eugenie Bouchard: Instagram star and Sports Illustrated bikini model posts toilet selfie



Eugenie Bouchard has been travelling in Tokyo, according to her Instagram account.

The stunning tennis star, who is currently ranking at 115, enjoys updating her fans via social media.

The tennis pro posed with a Hello Kitty polaroid camera she had bought.

She then took a selfie holding the camera to her eye and pouting.

Eugenie wore nothing but a tiny grey sports bra, putting her cleavage on show.

She captioned the image: “Tokyo bathroom chronicles part I.”

A number of fans commented praising Eugenie’s looks. One wrote: “You’re perfect.”

Another said: “Stunning young lady Ms Bouchard! Keep living the dream.”

One more asked: “Why are you looking so hot.”

However, others took the opportunity to criticise the star for not focusing on her tennis game.

One wrote: “God dammit, stop wasting time and practice!!”

Another said: “Still not working on your swing. Used to be so good at tennis now your just a placard for laziness.

“Why you take so many photos in bathroom?” one asked, while another said: “Are you taking a picture of you taking a selfie??”

However, another fan too the time to praise Eugenie’s sportswomanship.

“Hello Genie. You are really a respected sports hero, I wish you success from the heart without comment,” they said.

Eugenie Bouchard’s Instagram account was recently slammed for her content. 

Eugenie posted an image to her Instagram last night showing off her legs in a PVC skirt with a friend.

However, the social media snap has caused unfavourable comparisons to the world’s greats.

One fan said: “Mate she’s f****** woeful and you know it.

“This post sums up the reason why – bet you’d never see the fed express or Serena carrying on like she does on socials.”

Eugenie Bouchard’s sexy pictures are part of what has one her so may fans. 

She recently showed off in tiny shorts.


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